General terms of use (User Agreement)
[Current version as of 09/12/2019]

§1. Ambit
(1) Providers are the project operators and project owners, hereinafter referred to as “Provider”.
(2) These terms of use apply to all offers and services provided by the provider.
(3) In particular, these terms of use contain the basic rules and provisions for using the “” websites and its subpages, the use of the “” Minecraft servers and the use of all extensions (plugins) developed by the provider (free and paid), as also all social media channels associated with the “” project as well as all other offers, services or benefits and perks provided by “” or its providers.
(4) For the sake of simplicity, the points mentioned under § 1 section (2) and (3) (offers, services, etc.) are only referred to briefly as “offer” in the following.
(5) The term “use” includes all activities from visiting, using, storing, distributing and changing to any other interaction with our offer of any kind.
(6) A “user” is anyone who uses our offer in any way (see § 1 section 5).
(7) The offer is made available exclusively on the basis of these terms of use. Deviating terms and conditions of the user do not apply unless the provider has expressly agreed to their validity in writing beforehand.

§2.Additional provisions
Additional provisions of the provider may apply to certain parts of the offer; in this case, additional provisions always apply in addition to the general terms of use mentioned here.

§3. Changes to the Terms of Use
(1) The provider is entitled to change the terms of use at any time without giving reasons.
(2) The provider’s right to change explicitly includes the right to suspend or remove parts of the Terms of Use.
(3) The provider’s right to change or annulment expressly also applies to existing user relationships.
(4) The current version of the Terms of Use always applies.
(5) The current version of the terms of use can be found at any time at (also via the link “Terms of Use” in the footer of the website
(6) Notwithstanding this, it is always the user’s responsibility to regularly check the Terms of Use for changes. Further use of the offer is always equivalent to an acceptance of the current version of the terms of use.

§4. Offer of the Provider
(1) The provider allows the user to use his offer within the framework of this user agreement (Terms of use).
(2) Permitted use includes, in particular, visiting the “” website and its public sub pages, connecting to the public Minecraft servers of the “” project and participating in the game modes offered on these servers, as well as downloading and using extensions (plugins) provided free of charge by the provider.
(3) The provider makes the public website and public Minecraft server available to the user within the scope of his economic and technical possibilities. Extensions (plugins) mentioned are also offered for download as far as possible.
(4) However, the provider does not undertake any performance obligations (the provider has no obligation to provide any services)! In particular, the user has no claim to the availability of the offer at any time!
(5) The provider also does not guarantee error-free operation of the offer, there exists no entitlement to the correction of errors, faults or any other disruption of the offer.
(6) The provider offers limited support via Discord ( to the extent of its possibilities, but there is no entitlement to receive support at any time. The provider can discontinue support at any time without giving reasons.
(7) It is explicitly stated again: The provider has no obligation to provide this offer!

§5. Changes to the offer
(1) The provider is entitled to change the offer at any time without giving reasons.
(2) The provider’s right to change explicitly includes the right to delete content or to deactivate or remove parts or the entirety of the offer.
(3) The provider’s right to change, deletion, deactivation or removal expressly also applies to existing user relationships.
(4) The user has no claim for compensation as a result of changes, deletion, deactivation or removal. See also §4 section 4 to 7.

§6. Pricing
(1) At the present time, the provider is making the offer available free of charge.
(2) However, the provider reserves the right to initiate commercial use of this project at any time and to offer parts or the entire project for a fee or to use it commercially in any other way.
(3) However, paid use requires a separate contract or purchase by the user in any case.

§7. Disclaimer
(1) Claims for damages by the user are excluded! This exclusion of liability also applies to the legal representatives and vicarious agents (including all staff) of the provider if the user asserts claims against them.
(2) The use of the entire offer is at the sole risk of the user.
(3) In particular, the provider is not liable for damage and other problems or disadvantages arising from the use of hes offer including the use of its website, servers or extensions (plugins) and other related services and software. In any case, it is always the responsibility of the user to independently clarify and check the function and compatibility in advance!
(4) There is also explicitly no liability for loss of game progress (inventory, blocks builts, plots, experience, items collected or received, rights received, in-game money, etc.) as well as the unavailability of parts or the entirety of the offer – that includes especially the availability of the Minecraft servers.
(5) The user has no claim to the availability or the maintenance of the offer. The user also has no claim to the maintenance of his game progress or other content created or earned by the user, in whatever form!

§8. User Responsibilities and obligations
(1) The user undertakes
(a) not to intentionally disrupt or otherwise impair the Provider’s offer (site, server, services, etc.).
(b) not to use any software or methods that allow an unfair gaming advantage (e.g. bots, cheats, mods, hacks, duplicating).
(c) not to take any action that violates copyright, trademark, unfair competition or other rights.
(d) not to publish any content or take any action that is offensive, racist, discriminatory, sexist, pornographic, erotic in nature or otherwise violates common decency.
(e) to make the play style and communication generally child and family friendly.
(f) not to use the provider’s offer for the distribution of advertising or spam of any kind.
(g) not to solicit business or to engage in any other commercial way.
(h) generally not to violate applicable law, in particular to refrain from illegal or criminal activities.
(i) to comply with the terms of use and terms of business of underlying third-party providers, especially when using the Minecraft server, this applies to the terms of use and terms of business of Mojang and Microsoft!
(j) not to connect to our servers with hacked, fake or stolen user profiles or otherwise bypass the underlying authentication by Mojang and Microsoft (no offline mode)!

§9. Provider rights
(our rights)
(1) The provider can revoke the permission to use his offer at any time.
(2) The provider can warn the user or request compliance with rules defined by the provider.
(3) The provider can exclude the user from further participation or usage of the offer at any time. For this purpose, the user (including the users, nickname, IP address,  UUID, profile and other user data) can be blocked, removed, banned or even deleted for a limited or unlimited period of time.
(4) The provider can change, move, confiscate, release for other users, transfer, delete or block all content of the user (this includes in particular his game progress as well as game content created or received by the user).
(5) The provider can restrict or extend the rights of the user as desired and also determine the users position in the game at any time.
(6) The provider can set up new rules or authorizations or change existing ones at any time.
(7) The provider can appoint any number of representatives who enforce or apply certain or all rights of the provider (e.g.: mods, admins, supporters, etc.).
(8) All measures just mentioned (§9 section 1 to 6) can be carried out by the provider or the providers representatives at any time at their own discretion and without giving reasons. A claim of the user does not exist.

§10. Streamer and content creators
(1) is generally happy to work with streamers and other content creators/producers. In this case, we are happy to mediate special agreements, rights or ranks. Direct contact with the provider via or is recommended.
(2) In order to be considered as a streamer or content creator there should already be a certain number of fans or followers of the respective channel or medium!

§11. Minecraft Terms and Conditions
(1) Notwithstanding this user agreement and the conditions contained therein, the current terms and conditions from Mojang ( and Microsoft ( shall apply when using our Minecraft servers and Minecraft plugins!
(2) The user understands that this offer is not an official Minecraft product, nor is it affiliated with Mojang or Microsoft.

§12. Final provisions
(1) It is not permitted to call up or operate the offer from places in which the offer or parts of the offer are prohibited or violate common decency.
(2) The use of the offer is at the sole risk of the user and of the users own free will. The user is solely responsible for compliance with the respective legal regulations and laws of the respective country, region or location.
(3) Should individual provisions of this user agreement be or become invalid or unenforceable, the validity of the remainder of the user agreement shall remain unaffected. The invalid or unenforceable provision shall be replaced by a valid and enforceable provision whose effects come closest to the economic objective that the provider pursued with the invalid or unenforceable provision. The above provisions apply accordingly in the event that the user agreement proves to be incomplete.