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Server commands

You can always use the “/server” command to switch between our individual servers (lobby, citybuild and survival).

/server citybuild
Transports you to our citybuild server.

/server survival
Transports you to our survival server.

/server lobby
Transports you back to our lobby.

Note that our mini-games are installed on our lobby server. To access our mini-games world, please visit the lobby “/server lobby” first. Then enter the “/games” command. You can get back via the “/lobby” command.

  1. STEP

    /server lobby
    To connect to our lobby server.
    (Our mini-game world is located there).

  2. STEP

    To warp directly to our mini-games area.
    (You can also use /warp games or walk to the gaming area).

  3. STEP

    Click a NPC or sign
    Left or right click on the desired NPC or sign to start a game.
    (use the “red bed” in your inventory to get back).

You can open the menu on any server with “/menu“! The menu usually contains the server quick selection, the gadget selection and other server-specific options.

This command will open the menu on all of our servers.

Please note: Not all options are available on every server. For example, the plot menu (grass block) is only available on the citybuild server, because only there is a plugin that offers the corresponding functions. You won’t find all the possible commands in the menu, more or less just the most important ones, to start playing on our servers.

There are many other awesome and useful commands (not listed in the menu), some for free and some only for ranked players. Just read our guide or visit us on Discord to learn more about it 🙂

Get your rank now

Please note:
Ranks and booster packs are generally available as soon as our servers “early access stage” is over – currently ranks are only awarded in a very limited way at special events!

In principle, everyone can play for free and get access to all relevant basic functions – see “Free to play”.

However, selected effects, pets, animations or suits are reserved for players with a rank only! By acquiring a rank, you will help us to maintain and support our servers and enable us to expand our service.

In tribute of this we offer numerous stunning gadgets.
It is the same with Booster-Packs, from which all players will benefit on a specific server.

More than 530+ items can be unlocked

Just keep playing to receive random ingame lootbox drops or get them directly with Mystery Dust. Mystery Boxes contain lots of cosmetics, effects and gadgets, such as Hats, Animated Hats, Particles, Suits, Gadgets, Pets, Miniatures, Morphs, Banners, Emotes & Cloaks.

All loots are categorized in common, rare, epic and legendary items. Legendary items are the best, but also hard to get 😉

Get awesome loots from Mystery Boxes

Just keep playing to receive random ingame lootbox drops or get them directly with Mystery Dust. Mystery Boxes contain lots of cosmetics, effects and gadgets, such as Hats, Animated Hats, Particles, Suits, Gadgets, Pets, Miniatures, Morphs, Banners, Emotes & Cloaks.

All loots are categorized in common, rare, epic and legendary items. Legendary items are the best, but also hard to get 😉

Optimized high-end servers

We only use optimized root servers with dedicated hardware in different data centers for our game worlds.

We strive to deliver the best possible performance coupled with a rich gaming experience. The support of our servers, the configuration and also the development of several in-house plugins is done by experts.

Essentials commands

afkeafk, away, eawayMarks you as away-from-keyboard./ [player/message...]
antiochtntA little surprise for operators./ [message]
anvileanvilOpens up an Anvil./
backeback, return, ereturnTeleports you to your location prior to tp/spawn/warp./
backupebackupRuns the backup if configured./
balancebal, ebal, ebalance, money, emoneyStates the current balance of a player./ [player]
balancetopebalancetop, baltop, ebaltopLists players by top balances./
banebanBans a player./ [reason]
banipebanipBans an IP address./
beezookaebeezooka, beecannon, ebeecannonThrow an exploding bee at your opponent./
bigtreeebigtree, largetree, elargetreeSpawn a big tree where you are looking./
bookebookAllows reopening and editing of sealed books./ [title|author [name]]
breakebreakBreaks the block you are looking at./
broadcastebcast, bc, bcast, ebcBroadcasts a message to the entire server./
broadcastworldbcw, ebcw, bcastw, ebcastw, ebroadcastworld, shoutworld, eshoutworldBroadcasts a message to a world./
burneburnSet a player on fire./
cartographytableecartographytable, carttable, ecarttableOpens up a cartography table./
clearinventoryci, eci, clean, eclean, clear, eclear, clearinvent, eclearinvent, eclearinventoryClear all items in your inventory./ [player|*] [item[:]|*|**] [amount]
clearinventoryconfirmtoggleeclearinventoryconfirmtoggle, clearinventoryconfirmoff, eclearinventoryconfirmoff, clearconfirmoff, eclearconfirmoff, clearconfirmon, eclearconfirmon, clearconfirm, eclearconfirmToggles whether you are prompted to confirm inventory clears./
compassecompass, direction, edirectionDescribes your current bearing./
condenseecondense, compact, ecompact, blocks, eblocks, toblocks, etoblocksCondenses items into a more compact blocks./ [||hand|inventory]
createkitckCreate a kit in game!/
customtextAllows you to create custom text commands./ - Define in bukkit.yml
delhomeedelhome, remhome, eremhome, rmhome, ermhomeRemoves a home./ [player:]
deljailedeljail, remjail, eremjail, rmjail, ermjailRemoves a jail./
delkitDelete a given kit/
delwarpedelwarp, remwarp, eremwarp, rmwarp, ermwarpDeletes the specified warp./
deptheheightStates current depth/depth
disposaledisposal, trash, etrashOpens a portable disposal menu./
ecoeeco,economy,eeconomyManages the server economy./
editsignsign, esign, eeditsignEdits a sign in the world./ [line number] [text]
enchanteenchant, enchantment, eenchantmentEnchants the item the user is holding./ [level]
enderchestechest, eechest, eenderchest, endersee, eendersee, ec, eecLets you see inside an enderchest./ [player]
essentialseessentials, ess, eess, essversionReloads essentials./
expeexp, xpGive, set or look at a players exp./ [show|set|give] [playername [amount]]
exteext, extinguish, eextinguishExtinguish players./ [player]
feedeat,eeat,efeedSatisfy the hunger./ [player]
fireballfireskullThrow a fireball or other assorted projectiles./ [fireball|small|large|arrow|skull|egg|snowball|expbottle|dragon|splashpotion|lingeringpotion|trident] [speed]
fireworkefireworkAllows you to modify a stack of fireworks./ <|power [amount]|clear|fire [amount]>
flyeflyTake off, and soar!/ [player] [on|off]
gamemodeadventure, eadventure, adventuremode, eadventuremode, creative, eecreative, creativemode, ecreativemode, egamemode, gm, egm, gma, egma, gmc, egmc, gms, egms, gmt, egmt, survival, esurvival, survivalmode, esurvivalmode, gmsp, sp, egmsp, spec, spectatorChange player gamemode./ [player]
gclag, elag, egc, mem, emem, memory, ememory, uptime, euptime, tps, etps, entities, eentitiesReports memory, uptime and tick info./ [all]
getposepositionGet your current coordinates or those of a player./ [player]
giveegiveGive a player an item./ [amount [itemmeta...]]
godtgmEnables your godly powers./ [player] [on|off]
grindstoneegrindstoneOpens up a grindstone./
hatehat, head, eheadGet some cool new headgear./ [remove]
healehealHeals you or the given player./ [player]
helpehelpViews a list of available commands./ [search term] [page]
helpopeamsgMessage online admins./
homeehome, homes, ehomesTeleport to your home./ [player:]
ignoreeignore, unignore, eunignore, delignore, edelignore, remignore, eremignore, rmignore, ermignoreIgnore or unignore other players./
infoabout, eabout, ifo, eifo, einfo, inform, einform, news, enewsShows information set by the server owner./ [chapter] [page]
invseeeinvseeSee and/or edit the inventory of other players./ [armor]
itemi, eitem, eiSpawn an item./ [amount [itemmeta...]]
itemdbeitemdbSearches for an item./
itemlorelore, elore, ilore, eilore, eitemloreEdit the lore of an item./ [text/line] [text]
itemnameiname, einame, eitemname, itemrename, irename, eitemrename, eirenameRenames the item your currently holding. Leave name empty to reset. You can add in color codes when you have permission to./ [name]
jailsejailsList all jails./
jumpj, ej, ejump, jumpto, ejumptoJumps to the nearest block in the line of sight./
kickekickKicks a specified player with a reason./ [reason]
kickallekickallKicks all players off the server except the issuer./ [reason]
killekillKills specified player./
kitekit,kits,ekitsObtains the specified kit or views all available kits./ [kit] [player]
kitresetekitreset, kitr, ekitr, resetkit, eresetkitResets the cooldown on the specified kit./ [player]
kittycannonekittycannonThrow an exploding kitten at your opponent./
lightningelightning, shock, eshock, smite, esmite, strike, estrike, thor, ethorThe power of Thor. Strikes at the cursor or a player./ [player] [power]
listelist, online, eonline, playerlist, eplayerlist, plist, eplist, who, ewhoList all online players./ [group]
loomeloomOpens up a loom./
mailemail, eemail, memo, ememoManages inter-player, intra-server mail./ [read|clear|send [to] [message]|sendall [message]]
meaction, eaction, describe, edescribe, emeDescribes an action in the context of the player./
moreemoreFills the item stack in hand to specified amount, or to maximum size if none is specified./ [amount]
motdemotdViews the Message Of The Day./ [chapter] [page]
msgw, m, t, pm, emsg, epm, tell, etell, whisper, ewhisperSends a private message to the specified player./
msgtoggleemsgtoggleBlocks receiving all private messages./ [player] [on|off]
muteemute, silence, esilenceMutes or unmutes a player./ [datediff]
nearenear, nearby, enearbyLists the players near by or around a player./ [playername] [radius]
nickenick,nickname,enicknameChange your nickname or that of another player./ [player]
nukeenukeMay death rain upon them./ [player]
payepayPays another player from your balance./
payconfirmtoggleepayconfirmtoggle, payconfirmoff, epayconfirmoff, payconfirmon, epayconfirmon, payconfirm, epayconfirmToggles whether you are prompted to confirm payments./
paytogglepayonToggles whether you are accepting payments./
pingecho, eecho, eping, pong, epongPong!/
potionepotion, elixer, eelixerAdds custom potion effects to a potion./ power: duration:>
powertoolepowertool, pt, eptAssigns a command to the item in hand. Use 'c:' as the command to make a chat macro. Use 'a:' to append multiple commands. Use 'r:' to remove a single command. Use 'l:' to list all power tools Use 'd:' to remove all power tools/ [l:|a:|r:|c:|d:][command] [arguments] ({player} can be replaced by name of a clicked player.)
powertooltoggleepowertooltoggle, ptt, eptt, pttoggle, epttoggleEnables or disables all current powertools./
ptimeplayertime, eplayertime, eptimeAdjust player's client time. Add @ prefix to fix./ [list|reset|day|night|dawn|17:30|4pm|4000ticks] [player|*]
pweatherplayerweather, eplayerweather, epweatherAdjust a player's weather/ [list|reset|storm|sun|clear] [player|*]
rer,reply,ereplyQuickly reply to the last player to message you./
realnameerealnameDisplays the username of a user based on nick./
recipeformula, eformula, method, emethod, erecipe, recipes, erecipesDisplays how to craft items./ [number]
removeeremove, butcher, ebutcher, killall, ekillall, mobkill, emobkillRemoves entities in your world./ [radius|world]
repairfix, efix, erepairRepairs the durability of one or all items./ [hand|all]
resterestRests you or the given player./ [player]
rtoggleertoggle, replytoggle, ereplytoggleChange whether the recipient of the reply is last recipient or last sender./ [player] [on|off]
ruleserulesViews the server rules./ [chapter] [page]
seeneseenShows the last logout time of a player./
sellesellSells the item currently in your hand./ <||hand|inventory|blocks> [-][amount]
sethomeesethome, createhome, ecreatehomeSet home to your current location./ [player:]
setjailesetjail, createjail, ecreatejailCreates a jail where you specified named [jailname]./
setspawnesetspawnSet the spawnpoint to your current position./
settpr[esettpr, settprandom, esettprandom]Set the random teleport location and parameters./ [center|minrange|maxrange] [value]
setwarpcreatewarp, ecreatewarp, esetwarpCreates a new warp./
setworthesetworthSet the sell value of an item./ [itemname|id]
setxmppSet your xmpp address./
showkitkitpreview,preview,kitshowShow contents of a kit./
skullheadSet the owner of a player skull/ [owner]
smithingtableesmithingtable, smithtable, esmithtableOpens up a smithing table./
socialspyesocialspyToggles if you can see msg/mail commands in chat./ [player] [on|off]
spawnespawnTeleport to the spawnpoint./ [player]
spawnerchangems, echangems, espawner, mobspawner, emobspawnerChange the mob type of a spawner./ [delay]
spawnmobmob, emob, spawnentity, espawnentity, espawnmobSpawns a mob./ [:data][,[:data]] [amount] [player]
speedflyspeed, eflyspeed, fspeed, efspeed, espeed, walkspeed, ewalkspeed, wspeed, ewspeedChange your walk or fly speed./ [type] [player]
stonecutterestonecutterOpens up a stonecutter./
sudoesudoMake another user perform a command./
suicideesuicideCauses you to perish./
tempbanetempbanTemporary ban a user./
thunderethunderEnable/disable thunder./ [duration]
timeday, eday, night, enight, etimeDisplay/Change the world time. Defaults to current world./ [day|night|dawn|17:30|4pm|4000ticks] [worldname|all]
togglejailjail, ejail, tjail, etjail, etogglejail, unjail, eunjailJails/Unjails a player, TPs them to the jail specified./ [datediff]
topetopTeleport to the highest block at your current position./
tptele, etele, teleport, eteleport, etp, tp2p, etp2pTeleport to a player./ [otherplayer]
tpatpaskRequest to teleport to the specified player./
tpaalletpaallRequests all players online to teleport to you./
tpacanceletpacancelCancel all outstanding teleport requests. Specify [player] to cancel requests with them./ [player]
tpacceptetpaccept,tpyes,etpyesAccepts a teleport request./ [otherplayer]
tpahereetpahereRequest that the specified player teleport to you./
tpalletpallTeleport all online players to another player./
tpautoetpautoAutomatically accept teleportation requests./
tpdenyetpdeny, tpno, etpnoReject a teleport request./
tpheres,etphereTeleport a player to you./
tpofflineotp, offlinetp, tpoff, tpofflineTeleport to a player's last known logout location/
tpohereetpohereTeleport here override for tptoggle./
tpohereetpohereTeleport here override for tptoggle./
tpposetpposTeleport to coordinates./ [yaw] [pitch] [world]
tpretpr, tprandom, etprandomTeleport randomly./
tptoggleetptoggleBlocks all forms of teleportation./ [player] [on|off]
treeetreeSpawn a tree where you are looking./
unbanpardon,eunban,epardonUnbans the specified player./
unbanipeunbanip,pardonip,epardonipUnbans the specified IP address./
unlimitedeulAllows the unlimited placing of items./ [player]
vanishv, ev, evanishHide yourself from other players./ [player] [on|off]
warpewarp, warps, ewarpsList all warps or warp to the specified location./ [player]
warpinfoewarpinfoFinds location information for a specified warp./
weatherrain, erain, sky, esky, storm, estorm, sun, esun, eweatherSets the weather./ [duration]
whoisewhoisDisplays player information/
workbenchcraft, ecraft, wb, ewb, wbench, ewbench, eworkbenchOpens up a workbench./
worldeworldSwitch between worlds./ [world]
wortheprice, price, eworthCalculates the worth of items in hand or as specified./ <||hand|inventory|blocks> [-][amount]


You can play completely free or get a rank to support us. It’s up to you.


Our servers offer numerous awesome plugins and various game types.


We use high end hardware paired with redundant internet connections only.